About Iowa Powered Paragliding Flight School

Iowa Powered Paragliding Flight School was created to introduce more people in Iowa and surrounding States to the amazing  freedom found in flying. Iowa is ripe with breathtaking scenery and plenty of areas to fly from. Even Downtown Des Moines residents are only minutes away from places to fly. 

Jason Jasnos is the primary instructor with serveral hundred hours of flying logged and over 10 years in the sport. He also has 17 years of skydiving experience and over 7000 jumps. Jason has been teaching people to skydive since 1996 and has a flawless safety record.

We here at Iowa Powered Paragliding are available to answer all your questions everyday of the week.

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A message from the Chief Flight Instructor:

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jason Jasnos.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit Iowa Powered Paragliding. If you are here, you obviously have some curiosity about this amazing flying activity. You are not alone! there are great number of people out there that would love to learn to fly, yet, they have convinced themselves that it just isnt in thier cards and that flying is an activity for people with loads of money or extremists. If you have a dream to fly, let us see how we can make it a reality! 

Did you know that it can take less than 4 days to make your first solo? Did you also know that there are no age requirements, medical restrictions or licences needed in order to become involved? MOST PEOPLE DON'T!  You can be flying next week if you really wanted it! I understand that there is alway a financial consideration to learning to fly, however it is not as much as some would think. For the cost of a decent used motorcycle you can buy everything you need to fly. And one of the biggest benefits to owning this type of aircraft is that it fits into the back of your car and is ready to fly within 5 minutes.

I have been teaching people how to fly since 1996 with a perfect safety record. This is my passion and I would be honored to share this awe inspiring sport with you. As a paramotor instructor, I get as much from my students making their first flight as I do flying myself, which is the reason why I started the Iowa Powered Paragliding flight training school. It would be my honor to serve you and help you realize your dreams to fly. Just bring your dream and we'll make it a reality. 

I sincerely look forward to an opportunity to discuss the possibilities with you. Call anytime 310.463.5576 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Best regards,

Chief Paramotor Flight Instructor